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True socio-economic upliftment cannot occur without sustainability. For this reason, SEED has considered the growth potential of both industry and skill for the communities that live side by side with  wild and natural growing indigenous  organic resources. Like a seed that holds within it the potential for future harvests, so the development of skills within Namibia’s rural communities provides both immediate financial benefit that relieves seasonal poverty and long-term employment potential for community members.

The opportunities that are unlocked by the collecting and production of the Marula and other indigenous fruits include community owned warehouses, nurseries, logistic support and mobile processing plants. To ensure the sustainable commercialisation of the fruit, processing plants will be introduced in phases to enable the rural communities to scale into fully operational facilities over time. This phased-in process will additionally create a platform for community collectors to create value added processes for their raw materials. By doing this, they attain the maximum value for their product before selling.

Community value chain at a glance SEED’s partnership with the local communities will enable them to sustainably grow and build a value chain that converts their produce into high quality market ready products.

How do the rural communities benefit?

How does the local and international market benefit? There is an increased demand for natural, fair trade, organic Indigenous and naturalproducts worldwide. SEED’s partnership supports the process of delivering high quality product by ensuring the following:

How does the environment benefit? With the demand for natural and indigenous products and the direct benefit to communities for meeting that demand, conservation of the natural and indigenous biospheres and its immediate environment is assured. In other words, the natural and indigenous flora and the environment in which it grows becomes a sustainable source of income and overall value to rural communities. These communities therefore ensure that the immediate area is protected.

SEED additionally supports national and local government development plans for true socio-economic upliftment.